CYPRUS CHOICE Medical Insurance Plan


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CYPRUS CHOICE is our Company’s newly launched medical plan created and supported by Generali Global Health part of the ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI S.p.A. Group.

GENERALI, with almost 200 years of presence in the industry, is one of the largest Insurance Companies in the world. The company has 71.000 employees in more than 60 countries and offers cover to more than 57million customers. Generali Global Health (GGH) is the Group’s division that specializes in providing health insurance and medical assistance on a global level. Headquartered in London, GGH offer international medical insurance cover to people around the world and their Global Medical Network of providers includes over a million doctors and clinics.

CYPRUS CHOICE is designed to give you all the flexibility you need to build a health insurance solution to fit around your world, helping you stay healthy and provide access to the world’s best medical facilities should you become unwell.

CYPRUS CHOICE is a flexible and modular plan which can be adapted in order to find the best possible combination of benefits and coverage limits, to fit the client’s needs and budget.

CYPRUS CHOICE offers a broad range of annual maximum limits. Our plans range from €75,000 to €2,000,000 cover giving the flexibility to tailor the cover to meet your changing needs and to the regions you want to be covered to. Cashless treatment in over 900,000 network facilities around the world is offered! This means we pay for eligible treatment directly, so members don’t have to pay and then claim.

CYPRUS CHOICE provides a range of complementary digital member services, which include: 

access to a multi-platform member portal where each member can:

  • submit claims quickly and easily
  • track claims: including viewing of a summary and status of claims and ability to manage notifications
  • access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • access the Online GP service and download the ‘My Digital Doctor’ app to consult with a doctor at their convenience
  • access prevention and wellness tools to assess health risks and improve lifestyle
  • complimentary access to an independent second medical opinion service
  • apply for genomic profiling tests for cancer treatment
  • Access to the ‘Bria’ Wellness App to track their exercise and health habits as well as compete in challenges.

Download our Presale Brochure which provides detailed information of the possible options of cover and other useful information.