Professional Indemnity of Healthcare Services Provider


Professional Indemnity Policy for Healthcare Services Provider

According to the provisions of The General Healthcare System (Amending) Law of 2017, all Healthcare Services Providers must have sufficient insurance cover covering against their professional liability.

The legal minimum limits one must be covered for are presented below:


Medical Practitioner

Minimum limit of cover for Physical Person

Minimum limit of cover for Legal Entity

General Practitioner

€ 300.000

€ 600.000

Specialist Doctor

€ 450.000

€ 900.000


€ 50.000

€ 120.000


€ 300.000

€ 600.000

Medical Labs

€ 300.000

€ 600.000


€ 100.000

€ 200.000

Other Health Care Practitioner

Clinical Dietitian


Occupational therapist

Speech therapist

Clinical Psychologist

€ 100.000

€ 200.000


The cover is extended in order to provide cover for legal expenses up to €50.000 per insurance period.


Our policy is designed in order to properly cover Healthcare Providers at a competitive rate.

The policy is designed and addressed to

  • Pharmacists
  • Chemists & Chemical Laboratories
  • Personal Doctors (General Practitioners)
  • Specialists
  • Other Health Care Practitioners such as Clinical Dietitians, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists and Clinical Psychologists

Our policy can be offered in combination to our shopCARE policy in order to provide a comprehensive cover to the modern business man who owns a pharmacy or a laboratory center.