Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption insurance is an crucial supplement to the basic insurance cover of every business owner. This policy compensates the insured after an insured risk damages its business i.e. fire.

In addition to the material damage caused by a fire, the Interruption of a company’s activities can result in loss of income and to further additional costs that must be incurred in order to restart operation.

Coverage is provided based on the loss of “Gross Profits” due to:

  • Turnover reduction
  • an increase in operating expenses

after a covered loss or damage occurred and until work is fully restored to the expected pace.

Business Interruption insurance cannot be purchased on its own. It is an extension of the Fire Insurance policy that provides coverage for the same risks and is governed by the terms and conditions of this policy.

It is aimed at businesses whose work is entirely dependent on the proper functioning of their premises, such as factories and industries, shops, hotels, hospitals and other.

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