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Important Note: For claims of policies that were renewed before the 1st of October 2020 please access the portal by clicking here.

CYPRUS CHOICEis a flexible and modular plan designed to provide the flexibility you need. It can be adapted in order to build the best possible combination of benefits and coverage limits that fits your needs and budget.

CYPRUS CHOICE offers a broad range of annual maximum limits, comprehensive benefits as well as options of geographical area of cover while providing access to the world’s best medical facilities.

You can select between Basic, Select, Classic and Premier plans that come with different levels of cover and benefits and use various combinations of hospitalization and out of hospital covers. In addition, optional benefits are available for those who aim at an even wider cover that includes Vision & Dental and Maternity related benefits.

Direct billing (cashless treatment) is available in medical facilities around the world and claims submission is as easy as it gets using your secure client portal or mobile application.

Download our Policy Documents and Table of Benefits brochure for additional information and contact our offices or any of our insurance representatives for a quotation.

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Cyprus Choice

Cyprus Choice Insurance is designed to provide the flexibility you need to create the insurance coverage that suits your needs.