Complaint Procedure

Our aim has always been to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. In instances where you feel that we have not met your expectations please let us know in order to help us identify weaknesses in our policies and procedures with an aim of improving them. In case you have a complaint relating to your insurance contract or the service provided by us, you can communicate your complaint to us in one of the following ways:

1. In writing:
by completing the relevant Complaint Form, which can be downloaded by clicking here, and sending it to Cosmos Complains Department:

2. Via phone call:
By calling at 22 796 000

Upon receiving your complain we will send a written confirmation within two working days.

Our aim is to respond to your complain within 15 working days. In cases where this is not possible we will inform you accordingly, in due time, and will respond to your complain within 30 working days.

Should the answer you receive not be to your satisfaction, you retain your right to pursue your complaint via an appeal to the Financial Ombudsman or by taking legal measures.