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Your home is the place you have created for you and your family. The place where you relax and where you draw power from. It is where all your precious belongings are kept and the place where the most beautiful moments and memories are created.
In addition, acquiring it may be the biggest expense that you will ever make and your most important financial investment.A home insurance policy cannot prevent neither accidental events nor the damage they cause. But it can be the shield that will protect you from disaster by restoring your most valuable asset to its original state when needed.The proper insurance cover for you is the one that offers you the most, based on your needs and your financial budget.homeCARE policy is designed to provide comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing, thereby providing integrated and flexible solutions to the modern consumer.

homeCARE is offered in four (4) different coverage packages tailored to your needs and budget and is available for permanent homes as well as for holiday homes.

A few Important TIPS for properly insuring your Home:

Before you get insured:

  • Make sure you determine the correct value for both the building and the contents of your home.
  • Learn more about the “replacement value”.
  • Learn what “underinsurance” means and what its consequences can be.
  • Be aware of any exclusions that apply to your policy.
  • Ensure that your insurance policy covers your loan obligations.

Contact our staff or our insurance consultants for more information and to receive quotation for your own home.

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